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Player status is usually located on the squad page, indicating an action or event relating directly to them. They are as follows:

  • 45: A request from the club manager to the player's international manager, asking them to play their player for a maximum of 45 minutes in an international friendly.
  • Abs: When a player is absent from the club without permission.
  • Bid: The player has had a bid from another club accepted.
  • Ctr: An out-of-contract player still with a club.
  • Cup: The player is cup-tied, having played in the same competition in a previous round but for another club.
  • Dev: The player is on an MLS developmental contract.
  • Dft: The player has been selected in the MLS Draft.
  • Enq: Another club has made a transfer enquiry about the player.
  • Fgn: A player who counts as a foreign player in a competition.
  • Frt: A player who wants to leave the club on a free transfer at the end of the season.
  • Fut: The player is concerned about his future at the club.
  • HG: The player counts towards the Home Grown quota necessary for a competition.
  • Hol: A player currently on holiday.
  • Ine: Ineligible for the next match.
  • Inj: When it has a red background, this means a player is injured and cannot be selected. If the background is orange, he has resumed light training, but he may not be fully fit. Check his condition indicator.
  • Int: The player is away on international duty.
  • Lmp: When a player is short on match fitness (perhaps after a long spell on the sidelines), and needs perhaps to play with the reserves in order to regain full fitness.
  • Loa: Player is available for loan.
  • Lrn: The player is learning from a team-mate (see Tut below).
  • Lst: The player is transfer listed.
  • PR: The player has reacted to a media comment made by you.
  • Req: The player has requested to leave the club.
  • Ret: The player is retiring at the end of the season.
  • Rst: The player is jaded and in need of a rest.
  • Sct: The player is being scouted by your scouts.
  • SI: The player is an MLS Senior International - a non domestic player aged 25+.
  • Slt: The player has some slight concerns.
  • Sus: The player is suspended.
  • Trn: The player has agreed a transfer with another club and will go there when the transfer window opens.
  • Trv: The player is travelling to/from international duty with his squad.
  • Tut: The player is tutoring a team-mate.
  • Unf: The player is unfit, and shouldn't be selected unless in case of an emergency.
  • Unh: A player is unhappy with his role or an event/action.
  • Unr: The player is unregistered for a competition.
  • Wdn: The player has been withdrawn from international duty by his club manager.
  • Wnt: The player is wanted by another club.
  • Wp: The player has no work permit and is unable to play.
  • Yel: The player is one yellow card away from a suspension.
  • YI: The player is an MLS Youth International - a non domestic player aged 24 or under.
  • Yth: The player is on a youth contract and is not yet on professional terms.

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