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Potential Ability (sometimes abbreviated to PA) is an attribute for players and staff in Football Manager and in some Championship Manager games. It dictates the maximum that a person's Current Ability attribute can ever rise to, and therefore how good they can possibly become. It can be a value between 1 and 200 (with 200 being the best).

The value of this attribute can also be a value between -10 and 0 (in the pre-game database) which tells the game to assign a random Potential Ability value within a certain range when creating a new game. For example, a player with PA set to -10 (the best rating), tells the game to use a random value between 170 and 200 for that player's Potential Ability.

0 = 1-200

-1 = 1-30

-2 = 10-40

-3 = 30-60

-4 = 50-80

-5 = 70-100

-6 = 90-120

-7 = 110-140

-8 = 130-160

-9 = 150-180

-10 = 170-200

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