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Each version of Football Manager adds more leagues, more players and more features, including the new 3D Engine. All of this makes FM a very demanding game on your Computer, here are some tips to help speed up your game and optimize game speed.

In Game Tips

1: If your current game is running slow, try reducing the # of leagues that you are running. Do not expect to run 20 playable leagues on a machine with 2GB Ram and a 3GHZ P4 Processor

2: If you want extra players in your database, but do not want to run extra leagues,in the create a game screen, you can tell the game to load all players from a certain nation

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009-4

If you load too many countries though, you will experience slowdown, so be selective!

3:Once you have loaded up your game, Options-Detail Level and set Club and International Fixtures to Minimum, you can customize this to your viewing needs

Game Network Game Sporing Benfica -3

If you dont watch any other games or highlights of any team but your own, you can make the game run faster by not making the game record each game

4: If you play on a sizable enough of a monitor, you can play in windowed mode Options-Display and Sound-Display Mode-Windowed

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009-2

5: You can disable player and newgen faces Options-Display and Sound- Show Player and Staff Pictures-None

Computer Tips

1: To Run FM well, you need Good RAM, CPU(Processor) and a Video Card(3D Match Engine), If you want FM 09 to run fast you should have at least 2GB Ram and a Dual Core Processor at the Minimum!, if your computer does not meet both of these requirements, expect FM to not run very well

2: In windows, you can adjust the priority of FM, I do not recommend doing this unless you are just running fm and nothing else. CTRL ALT Delete-Processes,FM.Exe, right click, set priority and change to above normal or high

3: Viruses and Spyware can slow any system down to a crawl, run a spyware and virus scan, if you do not have these programs, I would suggest downloading Spybot Search and Destroy, CC Cleaner[1] and AVG Anti Virus[2]

4. Turn off programs that are not in use as they can use up processing and ram power, this can include anti-virus and firewalls

FM Friendly External Programs

Nod-32 Anti Virus

Kapersky Didick

Programs FM does NOT Like

Norton Anti-Virus

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